We Found Love

by Endless Melancholy

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'WE FOUND LOVE' is a new Endless Melancholy single in a collaboration with Matt Finney. If you want to know the story behind this track and what it has to do with Rihanna, read the words below:

Matt: "I don't really know what this song is about or why I like it so much. I do know that I feel it in my gut. As soon as it comes on I'm right back in 2011 with someone that I completely lost myself in. If you've ever been there then you know how terrifying that is. Hopefully we've given you a soundtrack for those moments. I've admired Oleksiy's work for years and getting the chance to do this with him is an honor. Thank you."

Oleksiy: "I was quite happy when Matt offered to work together. I knew his collaborative works with another Ukrainian composer Heinali, and I loved them. When we thought where to start, among his own ideas, Matt also offered to make a cover or rework (whatever you call it) of Rihanna's song. I agreed, but then this completely went out on my mind. So when Matt sent me some recordings, I picked the most appealing of them and started to work on it. It was really enjoyable, I felt strong inspiration throughout the whole process. I took a draft that I've been stuck with for quite a long time, and couldn't believe that it started to shape up so nicely with the lyrics. It was only when I finally had everything done that I realized that all this time I've been working on the lines of Rihanna's song. And it's an amazing thing, I think. When you keep in mind that you work on a cover version, you cannot keep yourself from involving elements of the original version. I'm pretty sure that if I realized I was working on a cover, I would try to tie myself to the harmony and melody of the original song. What we have now as a result is a completely new song that has nothing in common with the original except a few lines of lyrics. We really made this song ours. This is a little story behind this track. Today we release it as a free single, and me and Matt hope you enjoy the result of our work as much, as we do."

Premiered exclusively through Headphone Commute on December 9th, 2016:


released December 9, 2016

Photography by Milena Gjorgjevska



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Endless Melancholy Ukraine

Endless Melancholy is a self-descriptive music act from Kiev, Ukraine. Disappointing everyone since 2011.


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